Review – Bao

8.5/10, Fatthomas, Review
Bao is so goddamn cute. Everything is tiny! The mugs, teapots, plates and of course the steamed buns. Without their ceremonial gentleness the staff behind the counter might just break the intricate clayware and...

Review – Señor Ceviche

8/10, Review
Who doesn't hate Carnaby Street? Answer: Out-of-Towners, and I am not talking about the awful movie with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. The absurdity of London's century old infrastructure coping with 10 million tube and...

Review – Blanchette

9/10, Review
When writing negative reviews I often question my subjectivity - am I just grumpy? Was I just unlucky? Will my tiny, unimportant blog have a negative impact beyond its humble intentions? Am I just...

Review – Tincan

7/10, Review
After shamefully skipping the gym today and going for a leisurely stroll through lunchtime Soho I found myself passing Tincan's window display on Upper James St. I had read about this place before and...