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Review – Blacklock

You are forgiven for your recent social media befuddlement about random photographs of 19th century irons atop various meat chops. I felt the same.

From Blacklock’s Instagram Account

Surely the iron itself is a gimmick and despite the provision of weight and heat it must not be strictly necessary in its exact form. But who cares – the meat is perfectly cooked and the idea isn’t exactly trite.

Stack of Pork Chops
Stack of Pork Chops

Blacklock has cuts of the day, usually lamb, beef or pork – the latter being my recommendation. There also is a small selection of comforting and tasty sides and a vintage cocktail trolley with the quaintest of Bourbon bottles and excellent Old Fashioneds.

10h ash roasted Sweet Potato
10h ash roasted Sweet Potato

The beautiful tableware and food makes me equally melancholic. My grandma used to make pork chops for us when we were kids, on similar crockery and usually with a large side of Bratkartoffel and creamed Cauliflower. Blacklock’s down to earth and rustic cooking brings back those dear memories. Not only that, it also makes said past seem less long ago.

Blacklock on Urbanspoon   The Blacklock, 24 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LG London

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