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Review – Señor Ceviche

Who doesn’t hate Carnaby Street? Answer: Out-of-Towners, and I am not talking about the awful movie with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn.

The absurdity of London’s century old infrastructure coping with 10 million tube and bus journeys a day is never quite hidden from sight, but hitting retail spots such as Knightsbridge or the West End – particularly on the weekends – will hammer home the unforgiving scale of this ridiculous and amazing city. Most Londoners learn this lesson by mistake. I’m just going to quickly pop to Selfridges to buy some Raclette Cheese was one of my particular versions of it.

Due to this past trauma I was quite sceptical of any restaurants in Kingly Court – surely at best we were going to look at franchised eateries for the masses of disoriented visitors? Well, in London surprises happen all the time, and Señor Ceviche is a big one.

If you don’t like bright greens do not enter …

Señor Ceviche is fantastic. It really is. As far as I am concerned you are a fool if you don’t like Peruvian food and in particular Ceviche. Since this new wave of South American cuisine hit London a few years ago the commonly attached price tag was a justifiable excuse to not indulge in it regularly. Casa del Señor Ceviche changes this and made it affordable even at lunch times.

Sea Bream ceviche with aji amarillo tiger's milk, avocado & tempura baby squid
Sea Bream ceviche with aji amarillo tiger’s milk, avocado & tempura baby squid

The above signature dish is £8. The amount of quality ingredients, skilled work and attention that goes into creating it are truly staggering to me. The flavors are flawlessly fresh and strong, the broth is luscious but light and the crunch of the tempura squid adds an extra layer of fun. Absolutely delicious.

Chicken skewers with aji rocotto anticucho sauce & aji limo chimichurri
Chicken skewers with aji rocotto anticucho sauce & aji limo chimichurri

I can never say no to chicken skewers and these are some of the freshest and best I know. The acidity and zest of the chimichurri is mouth watering and keeps the heat from the rich rocotto peppers in check. Needless to say the meat is tender and at £7.5 this again is very well priced.

12 hour Pachamanca Pork Rib in sticky aji amarillo BBQ sauce
12 hour Pachamanca Pork Rib in sticky aji amarillo BBQ sauce

I mean seriously. This thing is the size of a forearm. It falls apart when touched by your fork. It tastes of sweet and hot bbq flavours, smoky and zesty. It is pure joy and costs … yes take a guess … another £8. Which means you can eat the three dishes on this blog post for £24 and you will be full, really full, and happy.

Señor Ceviche is unpretentious, fun and the food is spot on. I still don’t like Kingly Court but this is now one of my regular lunch spots. Amazing.

Senor Ceviche on Urbanspoon   Señor Ceviche, 1st Floor, Kingly Court, W1B 5PW London

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