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Review – Bone Daddies

The only time in the last decade I entered the dreadful premises of a Starbucks in London was on a sunny and very hungover Tuesday morning. On my way there I had to emergency eject from the 134 Bus in Camden and almost got killed by an angry cabbie hitting the breaks for me crossing Kentish Town Road. A near death experience to urgently attend the corporate coffee empires toilet, a beacon of hope in an otherwise sparsely equipped Camden Town.
I tell you this partly because one isn’t aware of these things without such emergencies, but also as a cautionary tale about Bone Daddies’ Tantanmen Ramen, an ultra spicy and addictive chicken bone broth, rich and gooey and topped with a fresh Clarence Court egg.


The broth is cooked for 10 or 20 hours, I can’t remember which, but be assured it is intensely tasty and satisfying with strong sesame flavors and plenty of umami infusion from the chicken bones. Absolutely addictive and curative of any lingering cold. All for basically a tenner.

Since that Tuesday I have returned many times to Bone Daddies, although I opt for the less fiery T22 Ramen on weekdays. Yes, I am getting old.  But also wiser!

[8/10]   Bone Daddies, 31 Peter Street, W1F 0AR London

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