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Review – Duke’s Brew & Que

Another greasy finger joint and probably not worth an exhaustive review – not at least because of its similarity to so many other great London BBQ venues. But without a doubt some of the best ribs this side of the Atlantic and some of the smokiest, thickest Bark you will likely get to taste outside of the US. I adore that word. Bark. Hmmmmm …

Slow Pork Ribs
Slow Pork Ribs

Duke’s is best enjoyed in a large group and with a few cold beers. Service is super friendly and last time we were treated to some excellent and unapologetic 80s music. The ribs come in portions of two or three and are absolutely delicious.

Hot Chicken Wings
Hot Chicken Wings

The hottest stage of Duke’s wings is suitably labeled “nuclear” and almost impossible to eat, certainly not advisable if you intend to go out in De Beauvoir Town after your meal. Silly as we are and despite multiple warnings we had of course to try them anyways – which brings me to this youtube video – it came in handy to cheer us up the next day.

Good, affordable, fun and absolutely recommended for a night out with your mates.

[7.5/10]   Duke’s Brew & Que, 33 Downham Road, N1 5AA London

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