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Review – Lima Floral

One day I have to go to Central in Peru and eat Virgilio Martinez’ dishes right where they were first created. The London outposts of Lima and Lima Floral are offering remakes of the originals recipes far from their inception yet I am sure that only in the Peruvian capital the true essence of his achievements can be fully sensed.

Corn Bread
Cusco Corn Bread

Lima Floral offers delicious and sophisticated food. The presentations are stunning. Prices are far beyond what Señor Ceviche demands and mostly this is justified.

Beef Dish
Beef Sudado with Coriander, Red Onion and Quinoa Stew

With perfectly medium rare seared fillet slices in a zesty broth the Beef Sudado was without a doubt the dish of the evening. At £26 this is certainly not a bargain and you won’t be particularly full either, but a winner nonetheless.

Hot Ceviche a la Piedra with Sea Bass, Hot Tiger Milk and Sweet Potato

Lima Floral’s signature dish is a zesty, acidic broth with sweet potato melting into the creamy tiger milk. The succulent chunk of Sea Bass floats with its crispy and salty skin on a background layer of soothing heat. Mouth-watering. Nuanced. And so very, very addictive.

Ceviche is such a multifaceted concept – warm and comforting in winter, yet light enough for a hot summer day – if we ever get one! The conceptual similarities of Peruvian cuisine and Indian or South East Asian cooking are always present – layers of flavours that offset each others intensities but remain specific and separated enough to not be confused with one another. A rich complexity that remains palatable due to its precision of balance.

Chocolate – Palo Blanco Peru Cacao, Oat and Wood Sorrel

For dessert another beautiful bowl perfectly shaped for the job. Beneath the gravely layer of nutty and crunchy oats lays a black coffee infused chocolate heart with a texture half way between classic mousse and Nutella. Beautiful.

Lima Floral on Urbanspoon
   Lima Floral, 14 Garrick Street, WC2E 9BJ London

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