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Review – Dirty Burger

Right behind Pizza East in Kentish Town in a dimly lit car park is a shed called Dirty Burger.

The Dirty Burger Shed
The Dirty Burger Shed

Controversial statement: Dirty Burger is the best  Burger in London at the moment, far more enjoyable than many of the so called “Gourmet Burgers” that keep popping up with hefty price tags. It also is refreshingly unpretentious (unlike Burger and Lobster or even worse: Bobo Social), not over-run by Stag Parties (Meat Mission) and there are no reservations or queues (Meat Liquor).

Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger

I love the paper wrapping, trays and napkins. I love the jukebox-style music. I met only nice people in the shed! I was always drunk when I got there, but I am convinced the burger is just as perfect when sober. Just with more guilty feelings.

Who needs Burger Shack or NYC …

[9/10]   Dirty Burger, 9 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL London

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